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Hello, I am taking off some time to welcome a little baby boy into the world and to adjust to all the fun things that come along with being a mom.

sweetiecups will therefore be closed for the next few months. We are planning to be back for bigger events in July/August and hopefully on a regular basis soon after.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time should you have any questions regarding future orders. Also I will continue updating on FB and via twitter in case I feel the craving to bake for a few customers here and there. Thank you very much for your understanding and I hope to stay in touch and bake for you upon my return.

Doro Poetter Nam

for updates on sweetiecups check the following sites:

for current specials: facebook.com

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sweetiecups' origin takes us back to the spring of 2007 when Doro won San Francisco Yelp's first annual cupcake bake-off. Having only been introduced to cupcakes after moving to the US, Doro was excited to challenge her baking skills with a dessert she'd only recently come to know.

After a few weeks of experimenting with flavor combinations, Doro quickly realized that the original cupcake 'sweet & fluffy' with food coloring and 'artificial ingredients' was not what she enjoyed. She missed the fresh fruit and the taste of natural ingredients that remind her of her childhood in Germany.

Going back to her roots, Doro decided to develop her own cupcake style, a style evolving from typical German fruit and chocolate cakes. She calls the result the sweetiecup.

Biting into a sweetiecup you will enjoy pieces of natural fruit and a perfect balance of
sweetness and flavor. The ingredients are fresh and organic when possible. The high quality of Doro's ingredients sets sweetiecups apart from other cupcakes.

Every one is handmade and prepared with extraordinary care. Doro's passion for sweetiecups is reflected not only in her own flavor creations but also in her interest in her customers' desires to make their own combinations.

Doro believes that almost everything is possible, so feel free to consult with her and invent your own sweetiecup.

doro poetter nam   |   415.533.5537   |   doro@sweetiecupssf.com   |